Classic and Modern
React Course

This course delivers a comprehensive yet efficient examination of the React features that enable your software to deliver value and scale effortlessly.

Sir. Isaac Newton

Modern React with Classic Ideas

The React ecosystem is a unique environment where traditional Object Oriented Programming (OOP) ideas interact with Functional Programming (FP). This course illustrates how to leverage these ideas to build robust software.

What you will learn


Explore software composition in the context of functions, objects, and components.


Understand rule-based design to create software that directs users’ attention as intended.

State Management

Build states without mutation to manage your system’s behaviours elegantly.

Manage Complexity

Understand why software becomes complex and how to circumvent this problem.

Why this course matters to

Better code saves your company money, improves your team’s productivity, and enhances developers’ performance. Having strong technical credit allows you to build more with fewer resources, a perfect outcome.

Low staff turnover

Software engineers want to do meaningful work. Instructing a developer to waste time debugging unnecessarily complicated code is an excellent way to lose your best developers.

Painless onboarding

A simple, bug-free codebase streamlines the onboarding process, empowering new staff to get productive fast.

Less expensive features

As complexity increases, so do the time and money required to add features to your software. By learning how to break complex problems into small, simple ones, developers win back a fresh codebase’s efficiency.

Fewer bugs

Bugs come with massive financial and reputational costs and are often entirely avoidable.

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This course is special

A classical approach to modern technology

Understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ through deep-dives into functional programming techniques, variants of object-oriented programming, and rigorous discussions of their effectiveness in different contexts.

Universally applicable skills

The focus of this course is on how to build sustainable software. React is used as a medium for education, not the primary topic. Participants will learn how to build both incredible React applications and better software using any language or framework.

Unparalleled longevity

Our approach of combining theory and implementation makes the learnings from this course incredibly durable. In ten years, React, Redux, and RxJS may not be in vogue, but developers’ knowledge of composability, state management, and streams will still be in demand.

Infinite Opportunity

By teaching composability first, developers immediately gain the skills to extend their learnings to other libraries. Developers can apply what we teach to their uniquely customised tech stacks.

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